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Editor’s note: The first explanation about the dog has a few logical leaps assuming the reader would understand it/the concept instinctively, basically what is implied is that if a dogs anus is exposed to hot and cold fluctuations it will eventually get hemorrhoids. This essay does assume that the reader knows everything and it outlines the basics first, before explaining why fundamental christians won’t accept the second coming of christ.

bilharzia or bilhasia as it is in the essay is blood in the urine. Its a basic parody that “Jesus Sr” could drink water and then piss blood, thus changing water in to “wine”, with reference that “wine” drunk at churches is the blood of christ, dramatic irony I know.

The section about Da Vinci and Shakespeare marginally makes sense, what I understand is that a messiah is a heretic by its nature, it comes to bring change and many oppose change at every and any cost – I recall Da Vinci had to keep his research work hidden.


Google this shit… you won’t find these logical answers….

Why do dogs shit on the lawn and not on the soil? Their Anus is warm and the soil is cold; the grass is warm(Geography) and their prostates will fuck out… literally…

Why won’t Fundamental Christians accept the Second Coming of Christ?
a logical essay… about theology…

Lets start, a Fundamental Christian has a superficial belief in the Bible,
but their believe/knowing of God is as real as mine and anyone else’s.
Atheist apposes Religion, therefore believes in religion are of non belief…
Religion is formed from a Cult, for a religion to be formed it starts as a
cult and grows in members, music is the next religion, the cult exceeds
all religions. Science is a cult, now a religion(Church of Scientology).

Now in Revelations The Second Coming of Christ(messiah from here out)
Will descend from the clouds… Fundamental Christians didn’t live in the
days of Babylon or the times of Jesus Christ Jr, so their mental reference
or mental image of him are drawings, which have formed their idea of him
in relation to how much they know about the parables in The Old Testament…

Ask any theologist why they study theology, and then you will understand
why they agree upon the Bible as being a book of parables(wise stories)…

The Bible + Evolution…

Evolution of man: We climbed out the pond and grew limbs to function with
the environment around us, then we got appendages from webbed feet
and eventually we got the opposable thumbs… and we started grabbing…

That was the story of Adam and Eve that i just told you(formation of greed)
Greeds results can be seen how a baby bird is thrown out of its nest…………
The mother doesn’t want to be sponged off and she wants them to fend for themselves.

Next Evolutionary Chapter…

The Hunter and Gatherer: The gatherer found roots, berries and fruits (women)
where as the task for the young man was to hunt the animal(dangerous) and mans
job was to protect woman. Woman make tribe bigger, woman give birth, woman
special, woman must be looked after, woman make child for tribe to go on.

Hunter find cattle easy to hunt, cattle not so dangerous, hunter get better and kill
many cattle, hunter get tired to run far every day to get one cattle, hunter is tired.
Hunter go back to cave and hunter think, he come up with catching cattle, because
woman can make child, cattle make child cattle, cattle friendly. Hunter no longer
tired hunter walk outside cave and see cattle, and choose best looking one.

Woman impressed by man and want to show she can do same, woman go find
apple tree and plant it outside cave. Hunter and Gatherer become farmer.
[Thats the next chapter of the Bible once the parables of greed were explained,
now the next lesson is laziness comes from greed, and work becomes harder,
and then you gotta work harder just after you get comfortable.]

Now tribe migrations start and cognition, verbal communication and creation of tools,
this is about 100 000 years ago from our time, other tribes engage each other and
the theory of survival of the fittest is implemented. Tribes kill each other because
they don’t understand their advanced or primitive methods(racism and bias)

War evolves and we are in post-Biblical times, Crusades happen to force belief upon
infidels and religious tensions intensify. Compassion is discovered and slaves are freed,
late 1800’s… Advanced civilizations now adopt these methods and equality, racism is against the law, new political systems are created(emerging markets) to keep old laws and employ new better ones… Mistakes are made and learnt from, the best techniques from those existing systems were implemented to either create a better system, which would eventually prove to be flawed yet again, and emerging markets are looked for once again. After lots of cognition and intuition a new system is created, most recent order in the 1900’s, Royal Hierarchy, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Democracy, Capitalism from this and mechanical innovation came electrical technology(gadgets) and eventually cyberspace. This is our current state of evolution, emerging… markets… stuck… no progress.. up cognition and intuition… tool no longer function as when invented.
Computers and Internet are a tool for instant objective information and knowledge.
Not cognition and intuition, it only helps understand cognition and intuition.

Our primitive reactive selves are personified in physiology’s offspring(emerging market)
psychology as the Ego… Super Ego is exactly what it says, Knowledge + Primitive self.
We are fooled into thinking we are better than others which surfaces as “The Ego” which is incorrect terminology, the mask/facade we present to people when we are under threat is the Super-Ego(Knowledge + Ego)… The ID is your Identity which is your soul, if you think in computer and animal terms, you are their master because they have no reference of other masters, only demi-masters aka masters friends or family, we call this the Alpha. The lowest in the chain is the Omega. The Master of the Universe is God, who controls our physical universe?

Our Reference of God.

Now back to The Jesus Sr the Messiah. No matter how well any human being can do magic, we all know its an illusion, yes our eyes, ears, noses and physical sense can be tricked, but not our ID, which links to the Ego(primitive self). If the super-Ego(Knowledge + Ego) is the driver and not the Ego then the illusion seems that much more convincing to the viewer. Psychics(mentalists/magicians) can fool Super-Ego(knowledgable self) driven people, but Ego(primitive) driven people are loyal to their
ID(soul), so the ID won’t buy into the illusion, gaining the primitive self uses the knowledgeable self to create cognition, thinking your way through the obstacle, with logic and trial and error. These collectively can be personified as the physique, our illusion that God does not exist, we are God. There are many optical illusions that fool the mind, but as soon as we blink the illusion stops, this is the basic concept of life and death – distinguishing the blurred lines of what is real and whats not.

So a Fundamental Christian believes parables are real, not logic or ideas or creation. Hence why they preach instead of engaging in the arts or creationism, they don’t grasp it or don’t want to, they are stuck.

Now The Messiah is Born, the son of God has returned, right as WW3 starts, after 7 years of peace in da middle east yo! People start grasping the concept of bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity…

He tells people he’s the son of god, first he tells Christians – their knowledge of the parables are so vast that the Messiah hasn’t yet master metaphysics, they ask him to walk on water and then fetch water in the middle of the pool, and then take some of that water and turn it into wine, he then asks them what are the rules, they say he cant get wet, he immediately says can i use a ladder? Eager to prove his intellect, they say no, he then thinks, oh well, i couldn’t turn water into wine in anyways, but coincidentally i he had bilhasia that day. So his Soul sends an instant message forwarded by God, it says Jetpack and Descend from the skies.

On Sunday he decides he’s gonna descend into the most populated Baptist church in Texas, the last of the new school christians. He gets a skywriter to spell out, Hey its Jesus Sr, and spells out with his colored jetpack “the second coming” as he lands, the Texans of all Christian emerging markets start chasing him, and eventually kill him for blasphemy… Thats what happened to Jesus Jr by getting nailed to the cross, and they only learnt a few years later when 12 witnesses(philosophers) came forward and gave their testimony after losing their fear of persecution that he was infact right.(10,000 years ago)

The Bible is the best story ever written, it has the best start(big bang) and the best ending(we kill ourselves through our disbelief in others) Now, the only guy around at Jesus Jr’s time who recorded history(historian) either wrote the whole book or protected the identity of the writers. Remember the Bible is a collective work… What does this tell us? The same thing about William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Shakespeares work is The Bible in a modern or update idiom… Look at his masterful work… Its written so complicatedly cause the actors needed direction and couldn’t know they reenacting the Bible(Blasphemy) or they wouldn’t do it… The guy was smart, he created a new language, Shakespeare developed creative writing… He made basic words complicated to his basic knowledge, cognition and intuition.

If you are the second Messiah, you hide that, you tell no one… no one at all… They will either dub you a liar, a lord or a lunatic.

And that is why Jesus Sr won’t ever be known, he has a hidden identity because of his primitive self… Thus he cant prove his overall point to every person on Earth but only people who what to understand.


Leonardo Da Vinci was infact the second coming of Christ, and tried to protect his work,
because it was intended for Nostrodamus or the Succeeding one to be able to describe
the Apocalypse or The Writer of Revelations is in fact Leonardo Da Vinci, on the basis  that The Old Testament covers Jesus and The New Testament aka The Good News covers the complex parables or elaborating the parables in Testament 1. or possible Shakespeare?



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