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Editor’s note: This is a message explaining the universe after a friend requested it from me. The explanation is with the absence of god, it was not required to mention a god but just to explain what type of  system we are in and what the universe is beyond what we can see, touch, taste and feel. This is raw and unadulterated and came straight into my brain and into the message box I was typing it in to, it hasn’t been changed to date.


May 26, 2010
Bro… Cant we simulate a near death experience? Or trigger a part of the brain or pineal to secrete dmt in excess? i’m pretty sure the extensions of reality perceived on dmt is where u are no longer actively in the code(software), but instead the circuit board of the universe(hardware), flowing through the busses and ram etc etc… Laws of physics are software which dictate emotion and reality(firefox/word/itunes), atoms and matter is the operating system(windows/osx) dark matter is core or kernel code(the code the operating system runs on) and these extensions that are then perceived is the motherboard. the basic input out put system(BIOS) its where the original instructions come from; i’m not explaing god thus the input system is not understood.
Basically,the bios is how god communicates with the universe, the hardware then needs basic instructions to make the hardware activate and work, this is ur kernel code and dark matter… the operating system sets which universe u are in, thus it dicates how the software works and this alters laws of physics which then creates reality… how we use the software creates our perception/illusion of reality… You are now limited in the universe according to ur assigned software… If u use ur maximum potential; Mspaint users would be lower class beings and photoshop would be higher class beings… Thus, the drive for knowledge leads to new software and upgrades and the discovery of the purpose of life which is to enlighten oneself and each other to realize the the duration of life is a transforamation period, where u do either one photoshop tutorial or an almost infinite amount… And this is why some babies die at birth and others live till 100…

The reason we need to sleep and sometimes have irregular sleeping patterns is because dreams are updates or a to do list… I guess this is mapped out by the architect(God) and given to a packet or data handeler known as ur higher self/spirit/soul… c section babies don’t pick up on paranormal or phsycic activity and are skeptics and find abstract concepts hard to grasp thus hard to believe and process… Hence how they wig out on phsycadellics… This doesn’t mean they don’t have purpose or don’t have a data handeler, it just might not be as active as others, less frequent updates are needed…

Beings which are not c-section babies but which display similiar characteristics fall into a category known as drones, they are worker bees and live life to trip out on it, they love tv and the beach, they enjoy almost every activity and need constant companionship… Their purpose is the bottom end of the evolutionary cycle which is to fuel the top end of the evolutionary cycle… The top end are leaders, the bottom end are followers, plain and simple as that; its only the intensity that varies, weak leader or powerful leader or influential leader… Free thinking follower, sheepish follower… Someone trying new things is transforming between the two states… In electronic science a leader is a positive and a follwer is a negative… They both need each other and the neutron is a free radical, a neo, a jesuss christ, a buhdah…
But they may not always realise the potential and have the ability to become selfish and never attain self sacrifice…
Points of evolution are reached, such as the bronze age and iron age and modern age, and when this happens the top end and bottom end reverses, creating a new age of enlightenment and discovery…
Karma is more valid to drones than enlightened beings, but reincarnation is equally valid to both… Hitler was a drone, and as he has purpose he did his evil deeds, but because he was not aware of this he could cope and live with himself… for his influence on consciouness he is rewarded with re-entry to this plain as an enlightened soul… Once u are enlightened u understand good and bad at a core level and cannot degrade karmically… Karma is the points that u need to collect to create balance descibed as yin and yang…

P.S. Drugs, are pretty much like cheat codes in video games, they make the game worth playing when bored, gets us past what seems to be hard levels, opens up areas of play we did not consider…

Drugs being any shit that alters ur brain



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