Conspiracies Debunked


Conspiracies Debunked


I love a good conspiracy theory, I really do. However the facts always get in the way of a good conspiracy theory. Humans reject the truth, we hate change and we love being in a comfort zone. We don’t know better things are possible or are already here.

I will now detail how modern day conspiracy theories started and what has fuelled them over time. Propaganda is a terrible thing and after the Cold War, we were hit by psychological warfare and many countries refused to play ball. Conspiracy theorists are quite good at pointing out flaws or extortion of a system, but fail to make a proper and legitimate argument cemented in truth and linear objectivity nor move on to analysing the faults of the next system. I can make sense out of every modern day conspiracy and what it relates to in actuality. The problem is that conspiracy theorists would reject my proposition of restructuring or reanalysing their theories and fixing the logical leaps and inconclusive information. I can see through the disinformation as well.


First Conspiracy Theory Topics



Federal Reserve is created. (making money out of thin air – no gold standard)


End of World War II. (Hitler was a puppet of the Illuminati – He was just a fucked up dude)

Start of MKultra Project (understanding trauma and stress of the primal vessel, inducing drugs and behaviour known as trauma to induce similar realities to monitor and observe the mind and its affects on the mind)


Roswell New Mexico –  radar-tracking balloon was found and retrieved by the US military.(UFO ship or Alien contact was covered up – still no evidence)


The Vietnam War starts. (Trauma induced soldiers for study – A result of war)


John F. Kennedy is killed. (He knew the truth and was bringing reform – He was killed by a mad man who hated him)

1969 – 1972 

Moon landing programs/projects. (Fabricated in a a Hollywood studio – Why? The moon is not that hard to land on or reach)


Reality of MKultra?


These listed events are the start of the human races own induced paranoia. Humans could not and still can not handle the reality of what is possible by humans and that of human actions. The reality of things had become so transparent to the masses. These mentally impaired(classification of whats socially acceptable by contrast of the norm and mass majority) humans needed to validate to themselves what is true opposed to just accepting what is true at face value and accepting things for what they are. This is a very similar reaction to when it was proposed the earth wasn’t flat, and then proven to be round/oval shaped over the years with scientific evidence. Humans have forgotten that the universe and reality is a game, a fun and interactive game and very few people know the very true nature of this game. It is all detailed in the Bible, yet not many people can see this transparency due to their own bias and their own delusions of greatness, they are under the impression that they create their reality. No, you merely shape reality, or create a part of reality, you do not create reality as a whole, you perceive it and the contributions by other humans as a whole.

The Roman Empire tried to create a New World Order by expanding their empire, but failed due to the peoples revolting, opposition from other empires and scientific discoveries about the nature of things; this resulted in The Roman Empire’s eventual collapse. The United States/United Nations/Continental Unions understand that the Earth needs one governing body to thus avoid war and monitor everything in the correct and most uncorrupt way(monitoring material objects not humans). This will never work or be achieved because there is corruption in every single human good or bad, thus there is corruption in every level of society and thus there is corruption in every government level. The peoples have realised this and started revolting in a peaceful fashion and they don’t even know it. Conspiracy theories are born from the mind of the lunatic or someone who finds things are taking a strange turn.

People are revolting against this global reform through conspiracy theories which first results in paranoia(there is a problem) then identifying the problem(a target is identified) and then an attempt to link the problem with the target by any means necessary. This often results in logical leaps and fabrications of false information in a non-linear, elaborated  and obtuse manner. Many individuals are functional, with credible backgrounds and achievements who propose these new conspiratorial facts, and when questioned about them they come up with more obtuse and irrelevant information to justify their convictions – false, true or obtuse.

During World War II the NAZI party had created concentration camps to torture and study the effects of all this on the human minds and the human condition. Soldiers and combatants suffered severe trauma from being engaged in warfare and killing another human for a political or unknown reason. Many minds who were recruited were fragile and thus could not understand the concept of killing or warfare, this resulted in post traumatic stress syndrome. The US government was aware of this effect and started MKultra after the war to study the side effects and root causes.

The Vietnam war was started in 1955 and ended in 1975. MKultra received mass exposure from the US Congress in 1975. The drug Lysergic Acid Diethylamide(LSD/Acid) was used to study the effects of soldiers with post-traumatic stress syndrome. It is a little known fact that LSD and Dimethyltriptamine(DMT) share a similar chemical structure and side effect with the difference being: LSD is a synthetic made substance and DMT is a naturally occurring substance which is secreted by the pineal gland in the brain and induces dreams or dreaming. The study of DMT induced through an IV has resulted in the foundations and scientific evidence that a higher self, spirit or soul exists in a realm we previously did not know of or was theorised by new age spiritualists and Buddhists, which was dismissed as false.

MKultra’s primary goal was to understand and thus exploit the human condition. It was to understand what makes the human race do what it does, and how it does what it does. The project’s end result was planned to protect the United States of America from any terrorist threat and treason occurring from the inside. This project was in principle the study of cause and effect. The US government did not create conspiracy theories, they left that to the masses to make up as with JFK and the Lunar Moon Landings. The CIA and other departments of the US Military still funded by the MKultra project have been studying conspiracy theories in books, videos and on the internet. A few online conspiracy theory forums trail back to the US Department of Defence. The US Department of Defence are and have been using the Internet to understand the human condition especially those mental disorders which are evident among the conspiratorial society. The study groups/analysis groups give disinformation regarding a conspiratorial topic to the masses of conspiracy theorists as proof or personal testimony of a victim from a targeted conspiratorial group, this results in the revelations of their conspiracy theories being true, however through closer evaluation no new evidence is given regarding the actual conspiracy and it only reinforces what is already known/made up about the targeted group or topic. If I was a victim of a horrendous secret society and managed to escape I would expose all the members I knew of, high and low. I would expose everything in absolute detail of my experience, yet none of that has happened because it is only a conspiracy. Their delusions relate to the realm above and they have no reference of what they are attempting to describe, so they just make up new terms and thus come across as lunatics.

The US government exploited conspiracy theories as an attempt to study the nature of the human mind once again. How and why paranoia results in a mental illness or conversely; a mental illness is present and this results in paranoid delusions and other mental illnesses that contribute to the victims illogical rationale. This can be seen in many mental illnesses, and some have categorical indicators, one is that of claiming to be the messiah or a second coming of christ.

The US Government is perplexed and overwhelmed by the people of their nation for wanting to commit such a high treason against their own country, from the days of Bill Clinton all the way to Barack Obama. Theorists have claimed Obama to be the biblical anti-christ and even say he’s not eligible to be president of the country due to his falsified birth-certificate. Don’t go looking into reasons for its truth, there is no truth, it is what it is. No one will know the anti-christ till its too late and Obama was born in Hawaii, if this many people were onto something legitimate he would be impeached or forced to step down or resign willingly to save what ever credibility he has left.

The fact that these people read a conspiracy theory, and then try build on it shows that they don’t understand the rationale of the proposed theory they have heard or read about or bothered to question why they are relying on a conspiracy theory for a validation of the world around them. They are so paranoid and would rather believe and try solve a conspiracy theory than try face the facts of whats happening – we live in a fucked up and manipulative world. These theorists have made connections to the Rothschild’s, Rockefeller’s, Bush’s and many other families as being interlinked and connected to an “illuminati” or are the “illuminati“. Sure, these families are connected, because they are either distant family members, members of different families through marriage or the families have combined business interests.


Why The Delusions


Mind Control. A group of highly intelligent humans wanted to understand what causes the control of the mind, they knew that humans weren’t buying in to propaganda or any thing that could create an easy influence thus a cause and effect. Humans were thinking freely and were still affected harshly by the negative aspects of humanity such as murder and theft.

Their efforts were not to try control you, but to actually see how long it takes before you reject the false and fabricated information surrounding you that is presented as the truth. These fabricated illuminati and free mason symbols have made it in to major Hollywood films in recent times and many books dealing with them are also present. A general member of the public wouldn’t even notice them, let alone read in to them at all. If you accept that it is what it is, you wouldn’t care. Hip-Hop music is vastly present with these topics, some claiming to be part of them and others rejecting their existence.

It is a sad state of affairs where the human population has become a mass study of consciousness by one country however they mean no bad from it. They just want to understand why every action of there’s was a result of a conspiracy theory when they were acting against a threat, why was everything perceived as an inside job. It is very easy for a person to be a functional mental patient, much like it is possible to be a functional alcoholic. The Government has failed to realise that they are powerless over the people and that they are powerless over creating a Global Governing Body. As much as it sounds like it can be a solution, it will never work and will suffer the same fate as the Roman Empire and other Empires before it.

Conspiracy Theorists/Mentally Ill are tuned in to a different universal frequency – they are seeing things for what they are but can’t accept them or do anything physically about them and thus rely on a conspiracy theory. Atheists can’t grasp nor understand the meaning behind the Bible and thus slander it as false or a fabrication, yet it holds the most truth to our reality than anyone can ever describe. No one wants to accept the truth or the fact that life is a game. We are all puppets in this game and Shakespeare said it best in his poem “All The World’s A Stage“.

Its not the people that are fucked up or crazy, its the education systems all around the world. Why should we learn about inorganic and organic chemistry, intermolecular forces and the atom or whatever in High School? It should be taught at a Primary School level and Quantum Physics should be introduced in High School. Children and Students should choose their direction of studies from a young age to formulate what interests them and what is their passion. They will immediately know if they are on the right course and if it is something that interests them. I found classes boring at times because I knew all the stuff before hand, when I presented a contradiction to the theory I was sent out of class. Thats not right, thats fucked up.




The world is changing, those who reject it as heresy will eventually die from that heresy, those who accept it will become more enlightened and move forward with the truth, and build on it and build a greater society.

It is what it is. Revolutions. If I wanted to be a prick I could have told you all that the US Government and Department of Defence are responsible for trying to control your mind by studying your reaction from propaganda and conspiracy theory. Its the exact opposite, they want to free your mind and thus free the land.

The paranoid people have made the Government paranoid.


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