Lord Liar Or Lunatic?



Many people are still debating whether Jesus Christ was a Lord, Liar or Lunatic – The answer is that we will never know and that word left behind is only an example of how we should attempt to live our lives, to be the best human we can be and help whoever we can.

I am about to commit extreme heresy, but Jesus Christ died for committing the same thing, so I don’t care about your opinion if it goes against the possible enlightenment that you will receive.


heresy |ˈherəsē|

noun ( pl. heresies )

belief or opinion contrary to orthodox religious (esp. Christian) doctrine.


Atheists only exist because of Theists, light will never agree with darkness and we are conditioned to think in polarities, which in it self is a discredit to ourselves.

I must make one thing clear, I was not of a sober nature when I scrawled/typed/received the information that I did. If you read my journey, you will know where it came from.


the following was wrong with me:

–       Drunk on Alcohol a few of the evenings in those months.

–       High on Marijuana constantly while not sleeping.

–       Schizophrenic thoughts, mainly voices and instructions from god.

–       Extreme Psychosis and Delusions.

–       Extreme Mania and Euphoric highs.


I am of sober habits now, stable and medicated. It was found that I have bi-polar 2 disorder and I am grateful to have gone through this experience, I obviously wasn’t living my life in the correct way or a respectable way – looking for answers no one should find.

I am not here to credit or discredit God, Jesus Christ or the Bible; I just want to share my experiences of what I have left while I was completely crazy. I do not subscribe to religious or spiritual doctrine. I believe in a life force and that’s about it really.

All this content is a result of me being out of touch with reality, please don’t judge me because of that point of view, I was unaware of what I was doing in the first place.


pages of content

If you want true understanding of what ever knowledge and wisdom you seek, I would suggest reading all these pages in the order they are posted. This will take some time to complete, and can be done in one sitting although I would take my time to digest everything if I was you. Do whatever you want though, every things your choice in anyway as you already know.

Conspiracies Debunked – The source of all conspiracies and what keeps them alive.

For The Atheist – Words for Atheists.

For The Theist – Words for Theists.

For The Undecided – Words for those on the fence.

Future Device – A device of the future and the replacement for micro-chip implants.

Maths? – Geometry from another perspective, not seen or done before.

Only God Knows – a PDF document detailing what we are and  what the Universe is.

The Journey: My Story – Mania, a near death experience and DMT unlocked another realm.


Feel free to leave comments(hate or love) and  any questions pertaining to the page being viewed. I will reply to those questions to the best of my abilities and knowledge.

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